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The Questions and Answers section. Good times, good times.

Oh, well just because I simply love Widdy. He's awesome. I'll admit, I played the English version of the game, and the voice acting wasn't bad. I actually like Widdy's voice in English. Maybe more than the Japanese *gasp*! He's just not all that evil. All he wanted was a world without death, without having to say goodbye forever to those you love...

The shallow side of me wanted to add: Just LOOK at him, what's not to like!?

But of course! I'd be excited to have some affies, link exchanges, sibling sites...whatever. Just contact me using the handing email form. I'll get back to you asap.

Sempiternity means 'enduring forever'. Exactly what Widdershin wanted Gilgulim and all worlds to do. I had considered the name Eternal Finality from his strongest attack, but I didn't think it suited Widdy.

An adorable pet name, no? Haha it effectively takes away all authority he has and makes him undeniably adorable. Just say it 5 times fast: WiddyWiddyWiddyWiddyWiddy. *and Widdershin glares daggers*