deluded inferiors, straining against my will.


Little is known about Widdershin. He's about 6ft 3in tall (190cm) and weighs about 167lbs (77kg). Like Mormo, Kanonno, Aurora, and yourself, Widdershin is a Descender - a being created from the World Tree itself as a method of defense. He's rather regal in appearance and manner.

Here are two voice clips from his English voice actor: one, two. Sorry but I don't have the Japanese version, so I don't know how I'll get my hands on some clips of his Japanese seiyuu...

full body

Widdershin has long silver hair and crimson colored eyes. His horns are deep red at the base and and gradiant to a deep golden yellow as they reach the end. He wears a long black coat, with white embellishments around the outer seams- the overcoat has a deep V-neck that exposes his chest (me-ow). Speaking of, he has black markings on either side of his chest that curve upward. These markings are obscured by his overcoat. His pants are black, his shoes white. He also dons white gloves and the cuffs of the overcoat are considerably long. Floating behind him is a turqoise colored circular emblem that floats, which has strange writing on it.