Mortals, haunted by death's spector...

I'm trying to match both appearance and personality. If you have any suggestions, pleae do send them in. Thanks!


Sephiroth. These two have a lot in common. Tall, strong, with silver hair, long dark ovecoat, crest that float behind their heads (only for Safer Sephiroth in this case). Sephiroth wanted to use the Earth as a ship to travel the universe. Widdershin wanted to have Gilgulim devour Terresia to gain it's Mana and integrate Terresia with Gilgulim.

They both are sword users. Widdershin surrounds himself with swords that shield him from attack, attacks with a sword, and uses Eternal Finality, an ultra powerful Dark Artes that hits all your party for 2000-4000 HP, which a giant sword falls from the sky. What's cool is, just like with the final battle with Sehiroth's final form, he descends from the a swirl in the clouds, as does Widdershin's sword in Eternal Finality.


You can watch a video of the final battle with Widdershin on YouTube; here's the video I took the above screenshots from.


Yazoo. He's from Final Fantasy VII's Advent Children. What is it with long silver hair and black leather getups? Yazoo's personality is a lot less passionate (or maybe just more emotionall detached/cold) than Widdershins. He also uses a sword and wears a long black jumpsuit type getup.


Sesshoumaru of Inu Yasha. Like Widdershin he is not human. He also has the same aristocratic air to him as does Widdershin. The characters for Sesshoumaru mean sesshou destruction of life and maru meaning circle. Fans have concluded that this can be read as the killing perfection. Widdershin has his Gilgulim, known as the Devourer.