deluded inferiors, straining against my will.

So Widdershin and Gilgulim. What's up with those names? Let's explore a bit shall we? Let's begin with Widdershin.



Means "against" + "sense" in German


In Scot, it means "in a direction contrary to the natural one, esp. contrary to the apparent course of the sun or counterclockwise: considered as unlucky or causing disaster."


Also German in roots, it means "in a contrary or counterclockwise direction."



In Hebrew it means "the soul of a dead person that passes into another living body to assume a new existence and atone for past sins." The Yiddsh root gilgl literall means "transmigration, metamorphosis."


Well it's quit obvious that Namco didn't just pull names out of the air. Widdershin wants to go against the natural order of things- whcih is death. Gilgulim was essentially a planet that was going to die but that was halted by Widdershin. Giglulim's current existance depends on the life force (mana) of other world's to live on. Going from world to world, taking each world into itself. As it devours, the new worlds become a part of it, thus the metamorphasis.

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