deluded inferiors, straining against my will.

Here are a couple of Widdershin quotes.

Deluded inferiors, straining against my will.... Mortals, haunted by death's spector...

What meaning can your transient existence hold in the shadow of death? Come, join my world.

You'd stand idly by as that shine is needlessly lost to the darkness? Did you not bemoan your powerlessness as you saw your kind die out in yaoon? Gilgulim came into exsistance a fragile and unstable world, its lands wastes, devoid of verdure. I could only watch as life there raised a dying moan upon its first breaths. I could hear the lamentations of Gilgulim's World Tree. Mana... If only there were Mana.

I am Widdershin. I was born a Descender, just as you were.

This... Gilgulim... is the former world I was to protect.

Correct. By my hand, the World Tree was reverted to a seed. Growing anew to its former size will require considerable mana.

Now, submit to the harvest, that my Gilgulim may live on! Return to dust, Descender of Terresia. You are the final, futile writhing of Terresia's World Tree! Now, struggle no more!

That creature is now a part of Gilgulim. Any memories of its former life were long ago cast into oblivion. I fear it doesn't seem intent on listening.

Ludicrous! What fate could await them apart from Gilgulim but destruction? Wedding your world to mine is your only release from the chains of mortality.