deluded inferiors, straining against my will.

You, under orders from Ad Libitum, follow the kidnapped Kanonno and Ganser into the Orphic Maze. This is Widdershin's first appearance. He had been using the Ailily's corrupt mayor, Ganser to sacrifice people to the creature and disappointed at Ganser's inability to defeat you, he destroys Ganser himself.

He explains that he is also a Descender, the same as you and Mormo. A Descender is a being created by the World Tree to protect/defend the land, as the World Tree will die if too much Mana is drawn from it. To save his planet, Widdershin reverted his World Tree, Gilgulim, into a seed. In order for Gilgulim to grow into A World Tree once again, it would need a lot of Mana. Gilgulim is the Devourer which destroyed Mormo's planet. Widdershin leads it from one Mana rich planet to another, consuming all the Mana, thus killing of the World Trees of other lands.

In this case, the hero (you) manages to draw power from Terresia's World Tree and destroy the Gilgulim node in the Orphic Maze, but Widdershin is undaunted, as it's far from over...

After their first encounter in the Orphic Maze, you'll meet Widdershin again in Dopland's Lavacleft. The hero first goes to the Lavacleft at Philia's request- there have been strange Earthquakes. The hero find a deep tunneling hole and a strange flower and bring them back to the Ad Libitum office in Dopland. When they return, the discover Widdershin. In order to taunt Mormo, he summons from within Gilgulim a creature from Mormo's home planet, that has been completely absorbed and integrated with Gilgulim. After You defeat this creature, you receive a Septanite Nugget- like the flower the nugget is from one of the world absorbed by Gilgulim and is foreign to Terresia. Kanonno reacts oddly when she sees the flower.

The node that had been in the Lavacleft had moved to the Geald, and Leon goes after it alone. You have your mission to rescue Leon and defeat Gilgulim. Once you defeat the monster that is summoned to stop you, you use your powers as a Defender to destroy the node, but pass out-- Terresia's World Tree is beginning to weaken.

You can now head to the city of Gavada, which is the worse off. The people there are using Mana like crazy in order to make their life easier, which is weakening the World Tree's ability to defend itself from Gilgulim. The people are doing this under Aurora, who is actually a Descender from a dying planet that she allowed Gilgulim to consume. She is using toxins in the Aelderwood to keep everyones (especially you) out of the Aelderwood and away from the Mana Lab. You gather Flourite stones to counter the toxins and allow you to enter the Aelderwood.

Aurora summons a creature, and after it is defeated and the Mana Lab destroyed the Gilgulim node retreats, as does Aurora.In reality, the World Tree is drawing back it's roots in an attempt to save itself (remember the base of the World Tree is in beside Ailily). So now you must follow Gilgulim as it follows the flow of Mana.

Back in Dopland's Weald, where the node had once been is Kanonno. The flower you found was called a Yunanate blossom from her World, and it triggered her memory- she was a Descender, but she watched as the people sucked the Mana away and in anger she destroyed all humans. When Widdershin arrived, like Aurora, she allowed Gilgulim to devour her Planet as well (the flower had come from her Planet). She was trying to help Gilgulim devour Terresia, but the World Tree was strong enough to send her flying back and she lost her memory. She attacks, and you defeat her. You convince Kanonno to come back with you, and she agrees as she now wants to help you save Terresia.

Final battle is in Ailily, the Foot of the World Tree. Aurora will appear and demand to know why you are going against Widdershin, that Gilgulim will become an eternal undying world, and that Terresia could be a part of this eternal world. Once she is defeated there is an earthquake- Gilgulim is ready to harvest the remaining Mana from the World Tree. Kanonno will remain at the Foot of the World Tree to keep a door open for you so that you can enter Gilgulim.

There is now a new area on Ailily's world map- Gilgulim. Go inside and face off with Widdershin. He explains to you why he is doing what he is doing. His Planet was dying and this is the only way he could save it, Widdershin doesn't feel as if anything should have to face mortality. Mormo insist that everything must die someday, and when it does, they will keep rebuilding, over and over. When you refuse to submit, Widdershin attacks. After you destroy him, Gilgulim too is destroyed. Return to the World Tree

Meeting up with Kanonno, you will see all the Mana from all the World Trees Gilgulim had consumed rise into Terresia's World Tree, which begins to bear fruit. Kanonno and Mormo fade, returning to their own World, and you return to the World Tree, your mission to protect it now completed.